Marketing Strategies for Physical Therapy Clinics

Marketing strategies for physical therapy clinics

this article will cover marketing strategies for physical therapy clinics

What we will talk about in this article:

Ways to market your clinic

enhancing the customer journey at your clinic

Social media marketing strategies for physical therapy clinics

Generating word of mouth marketing

Ways to Market Your Clinic:

  • contribute an article to a local Newspaper or a fitness and beauty magazine
  • Billboards
  • If you can invest then you can do a tv ad
  • Social media ads
  • Make deals with local gyms and sporting clubs (offers & discounts)

Enhancing the customer journey at your clinic

Patients should feel comfortable also well treated by doctors so what you need is

  • Good doctors
  • Clinic environment should be relaxing, also good smell is always needed
  • Clinic should be cleaned professionally, also the equipment that patients use

Every physical therapy clinic should have equipment such as:

  • Resistance Bands
  • Squat rack
  • Weights
  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Medicine Balls
  • Body sculptures

Social media marketing strategies for physical therapy clinics:

Post videos with information about what makes athletes injured

Such as not warming up properly, or muscle imbalance due to wrong techniques while exercising

Post videos about how people should warm up at the gym, also how they should stretch after their workouts

For example Post about the difference between static and dynamic stretching and when to do each

Explain how people should sit at work if they sit for a long time

The effects of sitting wrong for a long time, and how it affects the body

Also you should explain that physiotherapy is not only for athletes or injuries

We see a lot of people with body imbalances and deviations

And it’s because of small things that are done for too long or very repetitive

Such as sitting at work for too long in the wrong position or on a wrong chair

Also Driving For too long and adjusting the driver’s seat in a wrong way

Doing gym exercises in a wrong way

Not training your muscles simultaneously at the gym

Reach out to athletes or gym influencers and fix them and they will give a feedback about you

You can even take stories about their diagnoses and how you will fix it

And make people on social media follow the recovery journey

(W-O-M) marketing strategies for physical therapy clinics

Of course, when you give your patients the best experience they will recommend you when there is a chance

If you use methods which you see that you are the best at in physical therapy promote it

Treat your patient’s well

Doing the recovery process in the best way

If your patient’s recovers fast they will recommend you but they should be recovered fully

Making them recover in a great environment when they are treated right will encourage them to talk about you

Finally, tell us in the comments what strategy will you use for your clinic.

Marketing Strategies for Physical Therapy Clinics

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