Quality or Quantity, Which do you provide to your customers

Quality or Quantity, Which do you provide to your customers? Is it quality, quantity or both And which one wins Quality always wins Is it really If you go buy a shoe from unknow brand vs buying a shoe from a known high quality brand Two scenarios here for the unknow brand Will it be […]

Business Consumer Complaints & How to Solve it

Business consumer complaints are a very important thing, and what is more important is how to filter and solve the complaints… In this article we will talk about: what is a complaint and how it affects a business? How to fix complaints? How to filter complaints to avoid getting the same complaints The opportunity of […]

Customer service as a marketing tool

Customer service as a free marketing tool Why is customer service important to marketing Customer service employees should solve problems, listen to customers and report issues Also, CS employees should analyze what type of issues or complaints are repetitive Let’s take every point of those to discuss Solving customers’ problems Did you ever call your […]

How Important is The Word of Mouth in Marketing

Word of mouth in marketing is very important So if you are a business owner this article will be very helpful for you What this article will cover what is word of mouth in marketing How to generate word of mouth marketing Why is it important  The word of mouth effect A word from a […]

7 Things Front Desk Employees Should Never Do

You work as a front desk employee at a company, if so, this article is for you. Front desk jobs are administrative jobs. Front desk employees should have great knowledge about their company. So let’s talk about things you can’t do as a front desk employee. Front desk jobs examples: Receptionist Customer service Sales Never […]

Why Marketing Is Important For Any Brand

How marketing helps any brand? Marketing helps any brand in a variety of ways such as: Delivering your brand message to the right target segment How the customer journey should be for the customer How will you be able to meet customer expectations? Also, how will you turn consumers into regular customers you just need […]

What is Market Segmentation

What is market segmentation and why is it important? Market segmentation is used to know what type of customers to approach. Each segment consists of people who share the same interests or needs. Identifying your market segmentation will be based on customers’: AGE Marital status Gender Income Education Lifestyle Health How Market Segmentation Helps The […]

The Easiest Way To Understand The marketing mix

The Easiest Way To Understand The marketing mix What is the marketing mix or the 4ps? Product Price Place Promotion The first p from the marketing mix is the product Product here represents the good or service that you provide to your customer. Before releasing your product make sure it’s efficient and effective. How to […]

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