Ideas For A Healthy Restaurant

Ideas For a Healthy Food Restaurant

Ideas for A Healthy Restaurant

Want some ideas to generate higher traffic to your healthy restaurant, you came to the right place

Let’s start with the menu

  • You can make it unique by writing the meal size portions as the total calories of the meal
  • Example: 300 kcal, 400 kcal instead of small or medium or large
  • Healthy food restaurants visitors probably will be people who count their calories so making the portions with calories will be helpful
  • you can be more segmented such as dividing it into parts, for example, part for bulking and another part for shredding or pre-workout meals and post-workout meals also consider you can add a part in your menu for vegans or a part for people who do a keto diet
  • Make customized plates option available
  • Customer picks what they want to eat and how many calories they want
  • Customized plates prices should depend on the plate’s weight
  • Get a self-order kiosk

Healthy restaurant design and environment:

  • You can put some small cool banners on the walls containing information about healthy food tips
  • Like why omega is good or how much vitamin b12 should a person take or information like 1 gram of protein = 4 calories, 1 gram of carb = 4 calories. (Indeed it is very useful for a healthy person they will feel a connection with the place)
  • put athletes pictures on the walls or motivational quotes about fitness
  • Get a TV and play live football games, MMA fights ,and boxing

cheat meals

  • What about cheat meals for athletes
  • or someone who is not so into healthy food walks in
  • Create cheat meal section in your menu
  • Cheat meals will be a great attraction


make a deal with gyms you can reach out to and connect

discounts for all gym members

social media for a healthy food restaurant :

  • Collaborate with a fitness or nutrition blogger who likes talking about healthy food and has a lot of followers
  • Blogger should visit and try meals and post about your restaurant experience on his page
  • Make the blogger take over your account for a day or something and start a Q&A about diet and fitness
  • post short videos while making your recipes
  • Find which social media platform that serves you best
  • Respond to messages
  • Post health and fitness tips
  • Post questions about nutrition science and make people engage with you
  • This is the hardest one: try reaching out for hometown athletes and deliver free meals for them and ask if they can post it on their social media pages

Ideas For A Healthy Restaurant

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