Why Marketing Is Important For Any Brand

How marketing helps any brand?

Why Marketing Is Important For Any Brand

Marketing helps any brand in a variety of ways such as:

  • Delivering your brand message to the right target segment
  • How the customer journey should be for the customer
  • How will you be able to meet customer expectations?
  • Also, how will you turn consumers into regular customers

you just need to find your brand identity and value:

Brand identity is how a brand is present in public.

Brand value is how much your brand is worth and how much value it adds to the customer.

How the marketing process Helps the brand:

If you have the best products out there but, you can’t advertise them right, you won’t achieve your profit target.

If you are an owner of a dental clinic and you have the best doctors, but your location is not easy to reach you will not gain the profits you want.

This will lead some people, if not all of them; to avoid coming to you because of your location, and they will even choose the clinic with the second-best doctors with a better location than yours.

Good marketing studies will help you achieve more profit and customer loyalty.

If we looked at the 4ps (the marketing mix) and market segmentation processes

We will see that those are good quality marketing processes that will help any brand with a lot of things.

Approaching the right customer should be based on the results that appeared from the market segment identification process.

Choosing the best location for your business. (4ps)

Also checking your product’s cost and how is it suitable with the product’s price. (4ps)

Studying your product life cycle and what value will it add to the customer. (4ps)

Deliver ads and promotions to your target segment and minimize waste of money in advertising. (4ps)

Every brand should be known for something.

For Example:

A running shoe brand will be remembered as it is very comfy while running.

A mobile phone brand will be known for the best camera and battery life.

A car brand will be known for performance and safety.

So the point is:

The product should provide value to the customer and it should be suitable for its price.

If you are a restaurant or fashion store… etc. your location should be easy to reach.

Never make a sponsored ad before studying and identifying your target market.

All of us experience while scrolling Facebook an ad for a product we won’t buy.

Every product or service should have a mission, and the mission is what the promotional message should be For example.

For example, pampers company’s mission is caring about the baby’s health, and in the tv ad, they are always mentioning the message in ways such as how well the baby will sleep after wearing the diapers and also how their product is designed so the baby’s skin doesn’t get affected, that’s caring about the baby’s health.

Why Marketing Is Important For Any Brand

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