Business Consumer Complaints & How to Solve it

business consumer complaints

Business consumer complaints are a very important thing, and what is more important is how to filter and solve the complaints…

In this article we will talk about:

what is a complaint and how it affects a business?

How to fix complaints?

How to filter complaints to avoid getting the same complaints

The opportunity of fixing a complaint fast

if you are a brand or business owner

you probably had a list of complaints

What is a complaint:

a complaint is something that happened to a customer which was unsatisfying

It surely did lead to a bad experience to a customer which can also make them spread the experience among friends and family

Can be a big thing or small thing it doesn’t matter, what matters is

Spreading the word

when something bad happens to someone they will go spread the word and talk about how they felt

So this can affect any business

spreading words can make businesses run out specially at times we are living at with social media and all the easy tools existing to spread the word faster than lightening

How to fix business consumer complaints?

Fixing a complaint should be fast

It means if you get a complaint from a client against your business

Same day you should be fixing it

Step one :

Listen to the customer

step two

understand what they want and how they feel

step three

fix it

How to fix complaints?

walk that extra mile for your customer to fix their issue

customers are not always right but they need to understand

Either they bought the wrong product or there is some

how to filter complaints?

whenever you have a complaint save it in an excel sheet

I do this annually

fields should be:

Date Complaint received Also date the complaint is solved to know the average time of every issue and to figure out how to speed up fixing it


Client phone number to call after the issue is solved

The complaint in brief what was it or was it against someone working for our company

Filtering the complaint will be

how many times the complaint was against the product itself

how many times complaints was against our customer service(man power)

was all complaints related or what was the most related

and by now you did your analysis

then do a filter and check the issue

is it the product

or is it the man power

if its the product itslef then now you know what you need to do

is it the man power or your policies

change them in a way that will be satisfyingly for the client and satisfyingly to your business

after filtering the complaints and changing process, employees , products features

what happens when you fix the complaints

Fixing complaints

It means you are seeking perfection

The faster you fix, the more it will turn into your favor

You also need to call customers after every issue that is solved, even if, it was a comment about something they don’t like in your product or service

Your clients would really appreciate you listened to them

listening to your clients makes you always do the right thing

Having less complaints means more revenues

Spreading the word that you listened to your clients means you will gain trust

Client’s trust are the best to add value to your brand (word of mouth marketing)

Tell us in the comments what techniques you use to filter your complaints

Tell us a story about you and a client that you went the extra mile for maybe people will learn a thing or two from you

Business Consumer Complaints & How to Solve it

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