How To collect And Use Customer Surveys

How To Collect And Use Customer Surveys

Surveys are a great tool for your product or service and sometimes it’s hard to collect them in this article we will mention how to collect surveys and how to make survey analysis and how to benefit from it.

All surveys should have data collection fields such as name, phone number, E-mail address.

survey questions should be questions about your products or services

So let’s see how to collect and use customer surveys

For example if you are a restaurant the questions will be

What meal or sandwich did you order

Was the meal size optimum

Did your food come on time

Please rate from the scale of 1 to 5 (5 is the best) rate

How good was the food

How was the service

place cleanliness

For malls the questions should be

  1. What is the main reason you come to the mall dining, shopping or both
  2. What shopping category needs improvement
  3. Mention the most 3 stores or restaurants you visit
  4. Mention brands you want to be added to the mall
  5. What do you think needs improvement in the mall
Please rate from the scale of 1 to 5 (5 is the best) rate
  1. Security and safety
  2. place cleanliness
  3. Customer service
  4. The quality of mall brands

If you are a private hospital

your survey should be after 5 days a call to the patient after starting the treatment


  1. How was your experience
  2. How was the treatment plan
  3. Do you want to reserve to see the doctor again (if yes do the reservation for them)
  4. Did you wait for the doctor for too long at the hospital clinics
  5. What needs improvement or do you have any comments

For Hotels

You do the survey while the client is checking out

  • How was the room service
  • Did you try our gym or spa? if yes, do you have any comments
Please rate from the scale of 1 to 5 (5 is the best) rate
  • Security and safety
  • place cleanliness
  • Room service

Would you recommend @your hotel name to a friend or a family member?

Data collection and analysis

Questionnaire chart example how to collect and use customer surveys

As you can see, now you are doing two specific steps to improve your brand which are data collection and customer feedback

If you want success you should listen to your customer

So now we have two tools that we can use

First of all, you have customer data so you can call, send texts, or emails with new features, products, also offers, or information

Now you have to collect the questionnaire data and make your survey analysis

Of course, you can do this data analysis weekly or monthly

Then you will see from the charts clearly what areas need improvement

For example, all clients at the restaurant said that the meal size is not optimum and is too small, so you need to resize your meals

Most clients said that the restrooms at the mall were not clean, so you need to gather the operation and make the housekeeping do their best

Or most clients want the mall to add a specific brand try to make the leasing team reach for the brand even if you failed to add the brand at the mall it’s ok.

All patients at the hospital said they waited too long for the doctor to arrive, accordingly check the doctors’ working schedule with the Human Resources & top management and try to do anything about it.

Always make the survey process with new clients because you can do the survey process and analyze the survey answers and then new problems arise

How to get customers to fill your survey?

For Malls

If you have WI-FI you can make the IT department make the survey questions required when people log in to the mall’s WI-FI network.

If you don’t have wi-fi customer service representatives can fill it with customers either approach or wait for the customer to inquire about something and get the chance to ask them to fill the survey.


The best time will be while the customer is checking out.

private hospitals

best will be a phone call after they start the treatment and feel better.

Restaurants and Cafes

Surveys should be on the table with a unique pen with the cafe’s logo on it, and if they steal the pen congratulations it’s free marketing if they used it again in front of anyone.

Important Tip

Always make your survey short customers don’t have time for more than 6 questions, so make it 5 questions long.

and if you want to add more questions you can replace questions as an upgrade.

For more survey questions visit

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How To collect And Use Customer Surveys

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