Month: November 2021

Why Marketing Is Important For Any Brand

How marketing helps any brand? Marketing helps any brand in a variety of ways such as: Delivering your brand message to the right target segment How the customer journey should be for the customer How will you be able to meet customer expectations? Also, how will you turn consumers into regular customers you just need […]

What is Market Segmentation

What is market segmentation and why is it important? Market segmentation is used to know what type of customers to approach. Each segment consists of people who share the same interests or needs. Identifying your market segmentation will be based on customers’: AGE Marital status Gender Income Education Lifestyle Health How Market Segmentation Helps The […]

Best Marketing Ideas For Fashion Stores

Fashion store marketing is all about targeting your market segment and putting the right price for your product. First of all, check your product’s material and its life cycle. Second, you should check promotion and seasonal sales (such as summer and winter sales) costs (Annually). Then you should set your product’s price suitable correspondingly with […]

The Best App To create For A Radiology Center

We will talk about the best app for any radiology center that can be created, so If you are an app developer, and you can create an app with the features we will mention in this article, then get ready to start approaching radiology centers. What Is A Radiology center? A radiology center is a […]

The Easiest Way To Understand The marketing mix

The Easiest Way To Understand The marketing mix What is the marketing mix or the 4ps? Product Price Place Promotion The first p from the marketing mix is the product Product here represents the good or service that you provide to your customer. Before releasing your product make sure it’s efficient and effective. How to […]

Bookshops Marketing

This article is about bookshops marketing ideas and strategies to create the best journey for your customer at your bookshop So as a bookshop owner or manager here is what you need to do: Being well organized will make it easy for your customer to enjoy the journey searching for a specific or new book […]

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