Best Marketing Ideas For Fashion Stores

Best Marketing Ideas For Fashion Stores

Fashion store marketing is all about targeting your market segment and putting the right price for your product.

First of all, check your product’s material and its life cycle.

Second, you should check promotion and seasonal sales (such as summer and winter sales) costs (Annually).

Then you should set your product’s price suitable correspondingly with the product’s material and life cycle.

If your material is average then you should not put a high price.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep, for example, saying you have the best material ever, and it gets ruined after the first wash.

Location (place)

  • Your location should be easy to reach
  • Add your location on google maps
  • A location with a parking lot is a must, so people don’t rush while exploring your products
  • Shopping malls are the best places for clothing brands

Customer Journey in your fashion store

  • The clothing arrangement should be coordinated in a way in which all products are visible
  • Hire experts that have experience in fashion and have knowledge about fashion, not sales, a salesperson with no fashion working experience inside a clothing store will only try to sell and doesn’t care what is fitting on the customer
  • don’t make your sales push to sell cause even if the purchase is a done deal, some people will avoid coming again and this is against customer satisfaction you know when you start avoiding a place because of that person you don’t want to meet (same feeling)
  • If you have that product that people buys more than once don’t put discounts on those pieces
  • Take customers’ data like names, emails and phone numbers
  • fitting rooms should be comfy and wide and has the perfect lighting degree that will show the real colors
  • Notify customers via SMS or emails when you make an offer or a discount
  • Create gift cards
  • make gift vouchers and offers on days like mother’s day, father’s day and any type of celebration days like this
  • put on good music that fits the place if the place is so wide and with a high traffic put on the energetic type of music
  • If not, put on slow music

Social Media Marketing For Your Fashion Store

Fashion stores marketing on social media basics

  • Respond to messages
  • Post offers and discounts
  • Put your size chart pinned
  • Always post new products
  • Create Posts about how your shoes fit on suits, or how awesome your shirts material are
Best Marketing Ideas For Fashion Stores

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