Best Marketing Ideas For A Gym

marketing ideas for a gym

Marketing Ideas to drive more traffic to your Gym

Gym owner? Want to gain more profit? Drive more traffic to your gym?

Here are some beneficial marketing ideas for you.

What this article will cover:

  • What attracts people to a specific gym?
  • Marketing Ideas For A Gym
  • Social media marketing strategy for a gym
  • Who to hire?

What attracts people to a specific gym?

This part is very important, also it’s an easy task to do, and it enhances the customer journey, which will make members at your gym refer your gym to friends and family.

  • Organized and clean gym
  • Your gym should always be clean, sanitized, and organized professionally

How to do it:

Make a daily schedule for sanitizing and cleaning your gym every 3 or 4 hours.

Depends on two things:

  • Daily traffic
  • Gym working hours
  • If your traffic is high, then you can do it every two or 3 hours, it will also make people feel safe, and they will feel that you care about their health and safety
  • The higher the traffic the more you should sanitize, clean, and organize (putting bars, weights on the racks again, and cleaning the gym machines)

Professionally cleaning your gym will make your gym machines last longer and remain in a good condition.

Marketing ideas For a Gym:

Ideas to generate word-of-mouth marketing:

Make a Lucky draw every month.

Make a lucky draw for existing members.

There are two types of lucky draw ideas that you can make:

  1. If you have low traffic then we suggest you make one winner only per month
  2. If you have high traffic make more than one winner per month

You can do the draw for 12 months, 6 months, or 3 months (depends on your budget)

Before we go to the gift ideas there is one important rule:

No member can win more than once to help more winners spread the word

Your gifts should be items related to exercise and fitness

Here are some gifts ideas you can pick from:

  • Smart watch
  • Headphones
  • Portable blender
  • Gym shoe
  • Gift card from any sports brand
  • Gym gloves
  • Yoga mats
  • Supplement
  • Weight belt
  • Gym bag

(Getting good quality gifts will generate great word-of-mouth)

You can make one or more members win every month depending on your budget.

You can also make the number of winners each month depending on the price of the gift.

For example:

Gym gloves are not so expensive, so you can make more than three winners in the same month.

You are making them talk about you.

Each winner will go tell the story to a minimum of 3 to 4 people ( friends or family members) if he/ she added how clean and safe the environment is at your gym, it will encourage those listeners to visit your gym if one day any of them decided to start going to the gym.

Other ideas:

For Example

  • When a gym member reaches his targeted weight, you can make him a discount on his/her membership renewal
  • 25% Discount for moms on mother’s day
  • 25% Discount for couples on valentine’s day
  • 10% Discount on Christmas
  • Also New year’s Discount
  • The Numbers mentioned are just examples. (replace with what will work for you)
  • If a trainer’s friend wants to become a member, make him/ her a discount, and give commission to the trainer to encourage other trainers to do the same
  • Give members free invitations, so they can invite their friends to come train with them and check out your gym
  • If you have an Inbody machine test, make the first time for free for any member

Social media marketing strategy for a gym:

Social media marketing ideas for a gym are very important, and not easy, but it also can be so much fun if you drive in some creativity.

So here is what you need to do:

  • Know which platform is the best for you
  • Create posts about health and fitness
  • Create health and fitness quizzes to make people engage with you
  • Trainers at your gym should make videos, such as how to do exercises correctly and avoid mistakes
  • Some people come and train, and they like to be the center of attention, ask them if you can post their workouts at your gym and tag them, so they repost to their profile
  • Post information of health and benefits for exercising regularly
  • If you are making any discount announce it in a post
  • Request transformation pictures (before and after) from well-transformed members; if they approve post it
  • Post videos of the sanitizing and cleaning process

If you need a reference:

One of the best gym pages on social media is Hybrid Gym Hong Kong check out their page:



Who to hire

  • Certified professionals in fitness and nutrition science
  • Also CPR certified
  • Trainers should be easy going and polite
  • Trainers should answer any question from any gym member
  • Your trainers should know how to deal with special populations

Special populations are people who are/ or people who have:

  • Youth
  • Arthritis
  • Pregnancy
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes type A&B
  • Hypertension

If your team of trainers can do so, then this will provide the best journey for your gym members.

What we are trying to do here:

  • Creating a clean and safe environment for all (trainers and clients)
  • Providing great customer journey
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Word of mouth marketing to make more people refer to your gym
  • Social media strategies to attract new clients

Hope this article was helpful for you.

Tell us in the comments which marketing ideas will you pick and use for your gym or already using.

Best Marketing Ideas For A Gym

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