Shopping Mall Marketing Strategies

Shopping Mall Marketing Ideas

Want some shopping mall strategies and ideas to generate higher foot traffic and also provide a great customer experience

Here are some effective strategies to serve your purpose

Do daily weekly monthly annual traffic analysis to know where you are heading. (you can do this with smart CCTV cameras or security gates that makes automatic counting using sensors and detectors)

After doing the traffic analysis make events and activities on the low traffic days, weeks and months.

When doing the traffic analysis you can also analyze your rush hours this is a very helpful way to know what time in any day you consider making any show or event.

Check customer complaints and filter them (we will talk about this in another article on how to filter complaints).

Hire customer service experts to make surveys with clients.

surveys should analyze which brands or categories are your mall’s points of strength and which are your points of weakness.

for surveys kindly check this article

free WI-FI.

Make seasonal decorations. (people will take pictures and upload them on social media and can even check-in at @your mall or tag the mall)

Make sure all categories of stores exist at your mall
You should have
  1. fashion brands.
  2. food court.
  3. cafes & restaurants.
  4. jewelry, accessories, and perfume stores.
  5. facilities. such as (pharmacies, services)
  6. stationery stores
  7. electronics stores.
  8. family entertainment center. (games & activities should fit all ages)
  9. movie theater.
  10. home accessories stores.
  11. home and office furniture.
  12. Hypermarket
  13. Toy stores

Make a Lucky draw ideas with certain rules

you have two basic types of lucky draw ideas

you either make a small number of people win a large value voucher or product or you make a large number of people win small value vouchers or products.

mall anniversary events and lucky draws besides activities to fit all ages.

Movie theatre: If you have a movie theatre then when someone buys something from the mall stores for example more than 50 USD you can give two free movie tickets (this can be done on low traffic days)

Free seasonal giveaways (depending on your budget) if we are in the summer season gifts such as bean bags, floaters, beach glasses, speakers, and if we are in the winter season ice caps, coffee makers, and personal heater.

you can also do fun random games such as this one

Tap on link to open the video

shopping mall social media strategies

  • Facebook and Instagram riddles about your mall to make more social media engagement

when the covid-19 did strike everything shut down so, for this reason, we took the opportunity to engage with people where they are, people were always online on social media, of course, so we took the chance to create some riddles about our mall to make them engage with us, and to even make this more exciting we made it as online competition, so we did 2 riddles per week we posted on Sunday and Wednesday first 5 same people that answers both riddles right won a 500 EGP vouchers and can claim and use inside the mall when the mall starts working again, and of course, social media insights improved.

  • Repost stories you are tagged in as a mall from your clients
  • Always take pictures and videos for your events and campaigns such as lucky draws and competition winners and post them on social media
  • Post stores and restaurants discounts and offers on social media
  • Post restaurants & stores products on mall’s social media
  • Invite influencers to shop at your mall and make them take videos talking about what the experience (collaboration you should benefit them with something in return)
  • Be a fast responder to customers messages and inquiries
  • Collect phone numbers from the stores and create a phonebook, so if a customer wants to ask about something such as product availability you can connect the customer with the store.

Shopping Mall Marketing Strategies

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