7 Things Front Desk Employees Should Never Do

7 things front desk employees should never do

You work as a front desk employee at a company, if so, this article is for you.

Front desk jobs are administrative jobs.

Front desk employees should have great knowledge about their company.

So let’s talk about things you can’t do as a front desk employee.

Front desk jobs examples:


Customer service


Never get angry at a customer:

External or Internal factors made you out of the mood today, you can not reflect your mood on clients.

You can not sound hesitated:

if you are a front desk employee, you will be asked a lot of questions about your company.

such as product features, policies, or prices, some questions will be easy and some will be hard, but you need to be aware of everything.

Briefly, if you hesitated to answer any question, not only clients won’t trust you, but also they won’t trust the company itself.

You can make a sheet with the most frequently asked questions from your experience and save it on your desk.

Never talk un-professionally:

A client is not a friend, so you can not joke or talk un-professionally in the same way as you talk to your friends, cause you can be pushing limits and leaving a bad impression without noticing.

Remember you are not leaving only a bad impression about yourself, you are also leaving a bad impression about the company who hired you.

Taking things personally:

If a client is talking in a bad manner or angry because of having an issue with your brand or a bad experience, clearly he doesn’t mean you, so in this case, you don’t have to reply with the same attitude, but you should do the opposite, you need to absorb their rage and fix their issue.

Don’t make friends with a client:

Also, put in mind if a client became a friend some of them will think they own you and they will call you to make them exceptions sometimes you can’t make or to be the first in the queue or favors you can’t do.

Talking too fast:

A client wants to know everything in detail so slow down the conversation, talk professionally and in a nice tempo with easy words so they can understand everything.

If you talk too fast, and the client didn’t understand one thing about the product.

One of two scenarios will happen as a result:

  1. The client won’t buy the product, also will have bad feedback
  2. The client will buy the product but will have issues specifically with the part you did the talking (fast unnecessary) technique

Never have a conversation with your coworker while doing a process for a client

The client can be in a hurry, so delay your friendly conversations.

7 Things Front Desk Employees Should Never Do

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