How Important is The Word of Mouth in Marketing

Word of mouth in marketing is very important

So if you are a business owner this article will be very helpful for you

What this article will cover

what is word of mouth in marketing

How to generate word of mouth marketing

Why is it important 

The word of mouth effect

A word from a trusted person is worth a thousand ad

word of mouth marketing is when a person who tried something tells a story to his friends or family about an experience from a product or service that he tried.

How to generate word of mouth

By customer satisfaction, if your customers are satisfied and you meet their expectations. ( this is a must for any business btw)

It doesn’t have to be your brand material of course it matters

but it can also be generated when you had a fast solution for a client’s issue

when a client was feeling upset about something and you fixed it

When a client sees results from your product or your service

It can even be the service you provide after the selling process

How to make them talk about you

Give them something that they feel special for like a great experience or something special for your brand users that will make them feel special and talk about how glad they are they wear from your brand or they use your coffee machine.

Such as:

Loyalty clubs

Gift Cards

Mobile apps for only the brand users

Birthday message offering a discount for only the birthday person for a whole week

People will talk about you when you do something specially for them

Why is it important?

word of mouth marketing generates trust

it can also drive any business to success also can make a business run out of the market easily

The word of mouth effect

when you call a friend ask about something you want to purchase but you just want to ask him which brand to purchase

or you saw a friend wearing that cool smartwatch that motivates him to workout

or you need a new running shoe so you ask someone for recommendations

what we want to do is:

We make those people talk about it without being questioned in the first place.

The customer wants a satisfying journey as well as meeting the customer’s expectations.

So what you need to do is:

If they came to your store make them feel most welcome.

If you sell online to make the delivery fast and be very responsive.

Provide high-quality customer service.

Always provide help when needed.

Don’t just sell and run.

Always try to fix complaints as fast as you can.

Hope you found this article helpful.

To understand more about word of mouth definition

Feel free to share in the comments your strategy to generate word of mouth marketing for your business

How Important is The Word of Mouth in Marketing

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