Year: 2021

The Easiest Way To Understand The marketing mix

The Easiest Way To Understand The marketing mix What is the marketing mix or the 4ps? Product Price Place Promotion The first p from the marketing mix is the product Product here represents the good or service that you provide to your customer. Before releasing your product make sure it’s efficient and effective. How to […]

Bookshops Marketing

This article is about bookshops marketing ideas and strategies to create the best journey for your customer at your bookshop So as a bookshop owner or manager here is what you need to do: Being well organized will make it easy for your customer to enjoy the journey searching for a specific or new book […]

Shopping Mall Marketing Strategies

Want some shopping mall strategies and ideas to generate higher foot traffic and also provide a great customer experience Here are some effective strategies to serve your purpose Do daily weekly monthly annual traffic analysis to know where you are heading. (you can do this with smart CCTV cameras or security gates that makes automatic […]

Ideas For A Healthy Restaurant

Ideas for A Healthy Restaurant Want some ideas to generate higher traffic to your healthy restaurant, you came to the right place Let’s start with the menu You can make it unique by writing the meal size portions as the total calories of the meal Example: 300 kcal, 400 kcal instead of small or medium […]

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